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More Inventory Presents Opportunities for Homebuyers

Western Washington has seen it all over the last two years. Homebuyers who waive all contingencies, bidding wars that drive up prices, and homes selling for well over asking price as the region continues to grapple with this hot market. However...

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A luxurious exterior of a house with pool

The Best Kept Secrets of Selling Your Home

When the time comes to place your home on the market, there are a number of "secrets" you can use to take your house from ordinary to extraordinary in the eyes of homebuyers. Make your home stand out from the competition by following th...

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roof of houses with solar panels

Green Living Solutions You Can Achieve Now

The real estate market has recently seen an uptick in demand for green homes. Green home improvements can lead to a larger return on investment when you sell your home, and not all green home improvements are costly and time-consuming, and ...

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Move-in-ready or bust

The majority of Luxury Property Specialists, including myself, have noticed that turnkey homes are now, and have been, highest in buyer priorities for the year. This comes as no surprise, we all know that when you have to renovate a ...

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Design Trends Reflect Stay-At-Home Realities

The two biggest demographic groups comprising today's luxury homebuyers are baby boomers, who have been a dominant force for the past two decades, and the even larger population of 25-40-year old millennials, now in their prime child-rearin...

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Making Money Moves in 2022 5 Myths Debunked

Here are five cases where you're probably better off questioning the conventional wisdom when it comes to making money moves in 2022. Myth #1 - Because the U.S. stock market has produced double-digit percentage returns in five of the pas...

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3 Design Ideas for a Zen Outdoor Space

Our homes have become a calming and safe space to wash away the stress of the day, including our outdoor areas. As a result, many gardens, have become a ‘fifth room’, offering the perfect area for relaxation and spending quality time ou...

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