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Inspiring Home Staging Trends for Summer

If you're preparing your property for sale, I have a challenge for you: be your most creative, inspired, and visionary self. We cannot stress enough how important curating unique furnishings, art, and decor is when create a memorable impact to ...

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I Know A Place Madison Books

Have you ever stumbled upon a hidden gem that instantly stole your heart? Well, in this edition of I Know a Place, I have an exciting secret to reveal – a place where the scent of freshly printed pages mingles with community warmth. Enter Mad...

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The 4 Most Sought – After Design Trends in Flooring

Exquisite furniture, high-end finishes, and ornate architectural flourishes will certainly command attention when looking in a home— but there’s another, slightly more humble element that may catch eyes first. The floors underfoot have a p...

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The Kitchen The Heart of The Home

Why are we drawn to the kitchen? We think it is because of its comforting and familiar atmosphere. The enticing smells, sizzling sounds, and sight of delicious meals being prepared make it an irresistible place to be. A modern kitchen is more ...

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Tips for Summertime Outdoor Living

Outdoor living spaces are just as important as indoor spaces, especially in the summertime. Everything in your backyard — whether it’s a fire pit, dining area or theater — should be part of a well-planned, integrated design. Here are a fe...

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More Inventory Presents Opportunities for Homebuyers

Western Washington has seen it all over the last two years. Homebuyers who waive all contingencies, bidding wars that drive up prices, and homes selling for well over asking price as the region continues to grapple with this hot market. However...

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A luxurious exterior of a house with pool

The Best Kept Secrets of Selling Your Home

When the time comes to place your home on the market, there are a number of "secrets" you can use to take your house from ordinary to extraordinary in the eyes of homebuyers. Make your home stand out from the competition by following th...

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roof of houses with solar panels

Green Living Solutions You Can Achieve Now

The real estate market has recently seen an uptick in demand for green homes. Green home improvements can lead to a larger return on investment when you sell your home, and not all green home improvements are costly and time-consuming, and ...

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A dog in a box

Move-in-ready or bust

The majority of Luxury Property Specialists, including myself, have noticed that turnkey homes are now, and have been, highest in buyer priorities for the year. This comes as no surprise, we all know that when you have to renovate a ...

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